Ben Lipkin

Music Editor and Composer

Thanks for checking out my music! Below you can listen to more tracks and learn more about me. You can also check out some of my implementation work here:


Music Playlist

Some selections of my music

About Me

Hi! I'm Ben, and I work with audio. I'm here to give your project a unique and memorable sound profile so your audience loves to hear your project as well as see it. We can work together to create awesome music and sounds. I really love diving deep into all aspects of a project and crafting a sound pallet with character that expressly reflects your voice and direction.  I want to take the world you're building, the narrative you're crafting, and the experience you're delivering and blend them with audio in a way that translates your intention to the audience.

For interactive experiences, I love creating music and soundscapes that are equally interactive and responsive. We can work on putting together adaptive soundtracks that follow the action and communicate with the audience in a way that is enjoyable and intuitive. We can create immersive soundscapes that draw the audience in and keep them loving your project. 

If any of that sounds interesting or you have some questions, you can contact me below! 


Music Reel

An overview of my music


Contact Me

Want to tell me about your project, talk about game audio, or anything else? Let me know below!

I look forward to hearing from you 

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